Matheran is a place of utmost serenity that has something for everyone- from adventure activities to recreation, and in house entertainment, we at Horseland Hotel and Mountain Spa will never leave you unatended or bored. To make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible, we would request you to

Carry along:
-A pair of good walking shoes (prefrebly old)
-Hats in the summer
-Mosquito repelent
-Umbrellas and Raincoats in the monsoon

Arrival instructions:
Mumbai to Dasturi (Matheran car park) is approximately 2 hours by road. The Hotel is located very close to the Matheran market and one has the option of taking a hand pulled rickshaw, going on horseback or walking from Dasturi (car park) to the hotel. The scenic walk takes approximately 45 minutes.
There is also a newly launched route of taking the train from the car park into the market area for the means of faster transportation. Please do check with the office or the hotel for the train timings.

Aman Lodge to Matheran Shuttle Services (Download Mini Train Time Table)

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